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From impossible to easy to do

Publié le 27/05/2022

Movement as a transformative practice. 
When I started practicing movement, after years spent sitting behind a desk, arching my back and even resting in a squat position were complicated. I wasn’t flexible at all, nor coordinated. And I am not gifted or talented. It took me a lot of work, and consistent work. 
So today, after years of work, I’m really proud of what I can do now, the way I move and the understating I have of my body. I also see the environment where I’m differently: now it’s part of my practice (climbing walls, hanging from bridges, and so on). 
My practice transformed me into a more capable human being, with more options, a better understanding of my own body and much more. 
So if I can change myself, you also can do it. The hardest thing is the first step and we can help you. Just drop a dm or an email and do the work.