From impossible to easy to do

Movement as a transformative practice. 
When I started practicing movement, after years spent sitting behind a desk, arching my back and even resting in a squat position were complicated. I wasn’t flexible at all, nor coordinated. And I am not gifted or talented. It took me a lot of work, and consistent work. 
So today, after years of work, I’m really proud of what I can do now, the way I move and the understating I have of my body. I also see the environment where I’m differently: now it’s part of my practice (climbing walls, hanging from bridges, and so on). 
My practice transformed me into a more capable human being, with more options, a better understanding of my own body and much more. 
So if I can change myself, you also can do it. The hardest thing is the first step and we can help you. Just drop a dm or an email and do the work.

Our student Jérémie

Jeremie joined our group in November 2019.
Before, he had been doing rock climbing for some time. After having suffered several injuries he was mainly focusing on functional bodybuilding, doing a bit of mobility also, and he was able to hold a banana shape handstand for 10 sec. He had a certain level of strength but he was unable to perform any of the skills shown in the video. What he built with us are more diverse and solid strength foundations, balance, floor connection, coordination, rhythm and more. The purpose of his practice also shifted. It is not as goal oriented as it was in the past. The path, the process and the sharing have become essential parts of what he is after.
Jeremie has a full time job and he is not particularly gifted. He just shows up to every class he can and he follows rigorously the plan that we made for him.

Under the bridge practice

We spent last month, each Wednesday morning, working on strength. We played a lot with the rope as well as pushing exercises, elastic jumps and few more things.

In March starts a new phase with a lot of organic strength and brachiation.


Working with a partner is an essential part to grow as a practitioner. It brings you choatic scnearios to develop rhythm, communication, reaction, body organisation, strength and more. And it’s fun! This is why in our classes we work a lot with partners. Always working alone and relying on solo skills is not optimal for your body and mind. Don’t forget: “No man is an island” (John Donne)